New CEO welcomed at Seable&Co

10 November 2023

A decade ago, Seable&Co made its entry into the yacht industry (through one of Seable&Co’s predecessors), this milestone prompted a moment of reflection on our achievements and the challenges that lay ahead. After a period of rapid growth, our focus is now shifting towards operational excellence and stronger collaboration with our clients. "I personally realized that I might no longer be the best fit for Seable&Co to achieve this," expressed Willem Jan Kuipers, the former CEO.

Selecting a successor is always a challenging endeavor, but it turned out to be a well-coordinated combination of coincidence and fond memories from a prior collaboration. This forged an immediate personal connection and a shared vision on the industry and the role Seable&Co plays in this industry as soon as we began discussing the future role with the new potential CEO.

With great pleasure we recently welcomed Roderick Gort, who joined us on October 23rd as the new CEO of Seable&Co. Roderick brings a wealth of experience in leadership within the superyacht industry, underpinned by a strong technical and business administration background. His extensive history of collaboration with subcontractors positions him for success in his new role, where he will prioritize operational excellence.

"On a personal note, I remain dedicated to further strategic growth, maintaining a direct connection with our key clients, and exploring new business opportunities. We all extend our best wishes to Roderick as he takes the helm as CEO and contributes to the continued success of Seable&Co," emphasized Kuipers.

“Assuming the role of CEO at the foremost integrated exterior outfitter in the superyacht industry is a tremendous opportunity. Guiding Seable&Co towards more operationally excellent project execution in the years to come is an inspiring outlook. During my initial weeks, I have witnessed an abundance of craftsmanship, passion, and an unwavering commitment to improvement by our team. Through enhanced collaboration, both internally and with our clients, I am confident that Seable&Co will continue to have a prosperous future ahead" expressed Roderick Gort, the new CEO of Seable&Co.


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