Our story

In the realm of luxury yachting, Seable&Co specialises in crafting bespoke exterior spaces that epitomise comfort, relaxation and enjoyment on board. 


We believe that the essence of yachting is experienced in the vessel’s exterior, where there is a true connection with the sea and its natural surroundings.  

Our Name

Seable&Co as a brand was born from merging the words Sea and Able, both words are at the heart of where and how we operate. The ability to perform in the challenging conditions on board and at sea has been one of the driving forces behind Seable&Co.  &Co was added to our brand to underline the importance of working closely together within the group and with the shipyards and designers we collaborate with on a continuous basis.

"In our world, we don't just deliver products; we orchestrate unforgettable experiences"


Founded in the Netherlands in 1982, our legacy is built on craftsmanship and innovation. With a wealth of in-house expertise, we take pride in engineering, crafting and installing complete exterior spaces, including furniture, pools, deck finishes, cap rails, flag masts and many more bespoke features. 


Our commitment to excellence extends to selecting resilient materials that withstand the challenges of outdoor exposure. By leveraging our extensive experience, the latest innovations, and a collaborative approach, we deliver fully personalised outdoor spaces. We strive to inspire and exceed the expectations of owners, representatives, designers and shipyards, transforming design visions into comfortable, luxurious outdoor spaces to be enjoyed whilst on board.