Our story

Seable&Co is specialist outfitting company of superyachts, and premium residential, and hospitality properties. Each with its own expertise as well as complementary, our divisions can deliver a wide scope of bespoke features contributing to the user experience. We take pride in creating the finest bespoke spa areas, swimming pools, marble finishings, exterior furniture, decking, specialist owners' supply, and much more.

Our Name

Seable&Co as a brand was born from merging the words Sea and Able, both words are at the heart of where and how we operate. The ability to perform in the challenging conditions on board and at sea has been one of the driving forces behind Seable&Co.  &Co was added to our brand to underline the importance of working closely together within the group and with the shipyards and designers we collaborate with on a continuous basis.

The strength of our past carries us forward into the future.


The four companies that were brought together under Seable&Co have a combined history of over 80 years in the superyacht industry. Together these companies have contributed to over 200 yachts over a period dating back to 1982. 

To strengthen our proposition to our clients and to deal with the increasing complexity and size of projects has led to the creation of Seable&Co. The process preceding this shared identity implied the identification and appreciation for the shared brand values of the different companies. We now craft forward together as one group. The strength of our past carries us forward into the future.