Capstan table in collab with Fletcher, a dream come true

9 November 2023

Seable&Co had the privilege of collaborating with Fletcher to create a remarkable teak-finished Capstan table, renowned as the world's finest expanding table. The unique Fletcher mechanism was supplied to us and the table was produced in-house in close collaboration with the Fletcher team. This partnership was a dream come true for one of our senior carpenters, Wilco, who had been envisioning the opportunity to work on such a table for the past 20 years. The result shows how well the veneer aligns in the two different sizes of the table, a clear result of close collaboration and craftmanship.

This exceptional table possesses the remarkable ability to automatically double its seating capacity while maintaining a perfect circular shape. The expansion leaves are ingeniously stored within the table and seamlessly self-position as the table transforms from one mode and appearance to an entirely different one. Whether operated manually or electronically, the process is straightforward and exceptionally swift.

Working on this project was a true test of our skills and precision, even for a team accustomed to crafting the highest-quality furniture. Every line of the teak veneer had to fit together like a perfectly aligned puzzle, ensuring a flawless result in both the expanded and compact positions of the table. We are excited to announce that our next project with Nick Fletcher will commence shortly.


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