Attain Yacht Talents

26 September 2023

At the end of Summer we have organised a gathering in Southampton to celebrate the unison of generations in the yacht industry by fostering meaningful connections and indulging in the art of wine tasting. It was a pleasure to connect between senior and junior players in the yachting industry.

As the clock neared four o'clock, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation. A select group of companies representing various facets of the superyacht construction industry started to arrive. They were welcomed with open arms and sparkling white wine, a fitting prelude to an evening of enlightening interactions and discussions on English winemaking, among other topics.

The objective of this event was to create an informal setting and a link between senior and junior players in the industry. An evening where everyone could engage on equal terms. It was more than just a networking opportunity; it was a chance to forge meaningful connections, build networks, and above all, connect with fellow industry professionals in an unconventional and relaxed environment. And, without a doubt, it proved to be a resounding success. We should all recognize the immense value that new generations bring to the yacht industry. The wealth of knowledge and expertise that the seasoned professionals possess, combined with the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas of the younger generation, lays a strong foundation for the future of yachting.


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