Expertise in materials and close collaboration with talented designers allow our master artisans to create beautiful and durable pieces of furniture and cap rails out of wood. 3D scanning technology means we can pre-fabricate teak decking to achieve the highest quality finish in a predictable and efficient manner. 

The exterior of every yacht has become more and more important over the recent years. Almost every owner will acknowledge that the reason for being on board their yacht is to enjoy the Ocean by being outdoor. SeableWood takes pride in processing the most important material for most of the exterior features on board. The combination with the other disciplines within the group allow us to offer an integrated project approach for the shipyards we work with.

SeableWood is specialized in

·    Teak & dectona decking 

·    Flag masts & cap rails 

·    Exterior furniture, custom made according to client designs 

·    Outdoor kitchens and other exterior features

The strength of our past carries us forward into the future.