We strive to better understand and service our clients and their needs. The power to be inventive and provide innovative solutions within the different disciplines in the company has led to the creation of an R&D team of specialists acting as an incubator for innovative ideas within Seable&Co. As an internal incubator we nurture these innovations to the points where they can enter the market successful. Also, we regularly receive new challenges from our clients that we enjoy exploring if and how to fulfill them. This supportive role includes the assessment, selection and delivery of a range of owner supply items. 

SeableStudio is where the extraordinary happens

As an in-house incubator we embrace the challenges we receive from our clients. In line with the wider Seable&Co objective: creating relaxation and enjoyment of the life onboard.

As owner’s supply specialists, we take care of the whole procurement process as the single point of contact for global sourcing, competitive bidding, worldwide service, warehousing and logistic coordination. Through the wood and stone expertise of our sister companies we have the capability to customize any standard furniture as well as to create bespoke pieces.

SeableStudio is specialized in

·    Specialist owner supply 

·    Outdoor entertainment 

·    Cushions & covers 

Our limited-edition collection consist of pre conceived products on previous full custom projects or can be based on crafting new products by adding value to remaining spare material for a more sustainable process.