Stimulating the senses is at the heart of SeableSpa. Each spa we create is custom made to provide a truly inspiring spa experience. Our design and engineering expertise, knowledge of ergonomics, materials and technology, allow us to exceed the expectations of our clients again and again. 

Holistic Spa experience

Understanding the importance of a holistic Spa experience means triggering all the senses. Aesthetics and durability can only go hand in hand when the appropriate expertise is involved at a very early stage. We continue to challenge the status quo and work on numerous projects, from full custom spas for private residences and yachts to larger mixed-use facilities for leading hoteliers.

This experience, including our significant knowledge of routing, materials, technical requirements, and water quality are applied to create the optimal Spa experience. Our engineering skills and appreciation how design contributes to the overall Spa experience combined with the designers’ vision on aesthetics unites the best of both worlds.

We are a creative collective of forward thinkers. 

SeableSpa expertise includes, but is not limited to

·    Pools & whirlpools

·    Spa areas including Sauna, Steam room, Cryo cabin, Infra-red

·    Water features such as plunge pools, vitality pools

·    Showers both interior and exterior, including full custom experience showers