Our Approach

Seable&Co has a staff of over 120 talented personnel equipped with the skill sets to execute the most demanding projects. Advances in technology allow us to harness still further the talent of our craftsmen and women. By facilitating collaboration between the different in-house teams, we can trigger the ingenuity and energy our clients expect. 

Ever attentive to customer needs and requirements, our interdisciplinary team approaches each project afresh and fully supports clients during the transition from vision to reality. We ensure the desired results are achieved by being involved in each step of the project from concept to construction and beyond.  


By challenging the status quo, Seable&Co continues to surprise our clients with new possibilities. This has already led to various innovations that we are offering to our clients, often in close collaboration with designers and shipyards. 

By investing in new production technologies, we provide our craftsmen with the tools to further focus on their core skills. A recent example of an important process innovation is the ultra-high resolution marble scanner, that allows us to scan every slab of marble prior to processing.  Not only is this improving the process itself, but it also allows us to meet our sustainability goals by being in a better position to use remaining material for alternative purposes. 


Along with our uncompromising dedication to excellence, it takes skill, talent, years of experience and passionate teamwork to process the finest materials in wood, stone and other natural materials. 


Every collaboration should be based on shared values and ambitions in combination with complementary skills. In this way, we can continue to inspire and challenge ourselves – and surprise our clients with the outcomes.  

He who travels alone travels fastest, but in the company of friends you go farther.